Dear short game… You are missed. 


So far I’ve played roughly around 6 rounds since the start of 2016. During those rounds, one thing has been abundantly apparent, my short game(what little I had) has disappeared. 

Yesterday I played a course in Longs, SC called  Colonial Charters GC formally Palmetto Greens.  I shot a 95 (ESC 94) from 5400 yards. 

While some would say for playing not even two years that’s good, not for me, but in every round there are positives and building blocks. 

During the past couple of rounds, I have more than a few times drove the green to the point it should be a chip and putt for birdie but I’m not dealing the deal. 

Practicing and feedback are on the schedule this month! 

To date my handicap is a 24 and declining !!



PGA Show in Review…


Golf Golf Golf !!!! Where do I begin?! Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the PGA Merchandising show! This is the “Major” of Golf Business.  A golfer’s dream and a golf professional’s must attend.


Being new to the golf world and the industry, this experience was an absolute reminder of why I started on this journey.  The energy and the environment from day one was electrifying!

To give you an idea of just how massive this event is, check out the guide they give you when you walk in the door for the indoor convention…


Day 1

Demo day at Orange County National Golf course, which host a number of qualifying rounds for various tours, was filled with products and vendors from all over.  Demo day is a great place to put your hands on the latest and greatest products with an outdoor experience.  From clubs, equipment, shoes and even Golf Surfboards, you name it, it was there.

The course itself is a wonderful course, which I played back in May but not this trip, but if your in the area please grab a tee time, You won’t be disappointed!


Day 2-4 (Wednesday to Friday)

The rest of the conference was hosted in the Orlando Convention Center which was wall to wall golf everything! Seminars, meetings, equipment, clothing…you name it, it was there. Every booth was filled with buyers, sellers, and those interested in the growth of the game we love so much…. GOLF!

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This week I will highlight some of the people, products, and offerings I encountered last week and give you a taste what the world of golf has in store, so stay tuned and join me on my #Road2PAr !




Fairway Fashion!


  When I first started out on my Road2Par, the first question I had like many other golfers was, “what do I wear?” Golf and fashion over the years have not been thought of as one in the same but with golf’s media evolution, the conversation is changing very fast.
As a female golfer, I noticed immediately the lack of marketing and even apparel options for female golfers. With golf being a very traditional sport often times male and female golfers find the typical choices of apparel, polos, pants, skirts and hats. The choices become even more limited for females.

What if today’s golfer wants more variety? Not just colors and patterns but a break from the normal khaki culture and in to the millennial frontier. Hello Rickie Fowler!!!

Just when the golf industry had a media scare with the jeans situation 2014 at the Weston Golf Club, now we have Rickie sporting not just high top golf shoes but “jogging” pants to add. Puma, which is Rickie Fowler’s sponsor, has rolled out much more progressive colors and styling options then some of their competitors such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour. 

 The change is controversial in a “khaki culture” but much welcomed. Players such as Jordan Speith who is sponsored by Under Armour has been leading the change better marketing.   

 Shoes which are a huge topic in golf fashion, have also branched out from other sports  such as the Michael Jordan golf shoe which are sort of mid rise as well.  
 In a post Tiger Woods golf society, retailers started out with slight changes with colors and styles but nothing like we are seeing lately. While branding has become more visual with retailers releasing the players outfits prior to big events, it’s still the basic Khaki pants(no matter the color) and polo shirts.

So I say golf retailers and manufacturers, golf needs this change. With participation declining and the industry looking to grow during a stalling time, now is a great time for fashion to step in and help golf show out. 

PS… Don’t forget the ladies on their Road2Par as well ! 

Sites of interest 


Technical Tuesday Tips 12/29


Putting, putting, putting… With the R&A, and the USGA rolling out their new rulings January 1, 2016, all eyes and adjustments will be on putters.

Rule 14-1b, which prohibits anchoring a putter against the torso.

Adam Scott, Carl Pattersson, and even two-time Masters champion Bernhard Langer, are among those affected by the rule change.

Some players have used them do to physical limitations and injuries and the method has proven quite useful for some players, but within a few days that use will have to end.

Putting has long been a “work in progress” activity for me.  I practice in the house, before a round, during practice, and in between my daily activities.  Considering on average a player uses his putter minimum 36 times during a round, the talk of putting will never get old or go out of style.

For those who will have to make the adjustment away from anchored putters check out this article by Golf Digest Putting Tips.

Our #Road2Par is filled with detours!Untitled

Thursday Rules Tips..


With winter upon us, most courses are beginning to deal with inclement weather. From snow, rain, and sleet, winter weather host a ton of challenges to its golfer’s. 

One important rule to keep in my will be Rule 25 with respects to taking relief from abnormal ground conditions. 

One of the most notable abnormal ground conditions this time of year will be casual water.  

For further understanding of your options check out this video from the USGA. USGA abnormal ground conditions video.

All about the grip 


While recently evaluating a fellow classmates swing, the topic of grip became a discussion. How important is your is your grip on your golf game? 

First, figuring out what type of grip you have is key. There are three types strong, neutral, and weak. Most pros have a strong or neutral grip to get the most power out of all their shots. 

Among the three pre swing principles of a golf swing, Grip can have the most influence in your ball flight. Check out this article from Golf WRX. 

Which grip are you ?


Should I be concerned about gators on a golf course ? 


Absolutely Not! For those of us that play in areas known to have gators in our ponds, don’t be afraid but be mindful. 

Tips to help combat your gator fears…

  • Always check with the pros in the golf shop to see if there are gators and what holes they frequent. 
  • Always keep a golf club in your hand when walking around bodies of water. 
  • Always be aware of the waves or impressions in the water when checking hazards. 
  • And lastly, make someone else walk closer to the water lol

Have fun and be safe golfer!

Let’s continue on our Road 2 Par!